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Electric Man 2 Hack: Higher batterychargingrate and much much more health Jetzt spielen!
Dad n Me Hack: Tons of health and One hit kills. Jetzt spielen!
Celebrity Bash Hack: Health Hack Jetzt spielen!
Straw Hat Samurai Hack: Infinite Health Hack Jetzt spielen!
Kombat Fighters Hack: 999999999 Money, Health, Energy. Blood on and All characters unlocked! Jetzt spielen!
Hobo Prison Brawl Hack: 999999999999 Health for your Hobo an all levels Jetzt spielen!
Crazy Flasher 3 Hack: Money Hack - 5,000,000 Cash Jetzt spielen!
Super Smash Flash Hack: Infinite Lives and unlocked all Game-Modes Jetzt spielen!
Interactive Buddy Hack: All Skins All Items All Modes Jetzt spielen!
Dummy Never Fails Hack: All Skins & Levels Unlocked Jetzt spielen!
Hobo 5 Space Brawls Hack: 9999999 health. Jetzt spielen!
Straw Hat Samurai 2 Hack: Health and Power Meter Jetzt spielen!
Hobo Hack: Health and Combos unlocked. Level 1 is superhobo - Level 2 is superdogs - Level 3 is superpark - Level 4 is pussycat Jetzt spielen!
God of War Hack: Invincible soldier,power x3 bigger,start off with 100 kills,faster player level up,blood increased Jetzt spielen!
wpnFire Hack: Health set to 200, 999999 ammo for all guns and changed cheat codes to: "cheat 1" =low friction, "cheat 2" =double damage, "cheat 3" =increased speed, "cheat 4" =all weapons, "cheat 5" =unlimited ammo, "cheat 6" =unlimited health.(cheats case sensitive) Jetzt spielen!
Crush the Castle 2 Hack: All Projectiles - Weapons & Provinces Unlocked! Jetzt spielen!
Larry and the Gnomes Hack: Health - Stamina - Ammo - Lives - One hit fills Rage Meter Jetzt spielen!
Staggy 1 Hack: Staggy is invincible,lots of cash,start with 100 kills and unlimited pauses Jetzt spielen!
Royal Thumble Hack: 10 times more health than computer! Jetzt spielen!
A Parting Shot 2 Hack: Invincible Jetzt spielen!
Chrome Wars Arena Hack: Everything cost $1 - Start with 100 points and earn 10 after each fight - Stat point tip below! Jetzt spielen!
Pocket Fighter Nova Hack: Player 1 health and longer Combo time! Jetzt spielen!
Bakers Defense Hack: Health hack for you and cake and a lot of money. Jetzt spielen!
Cartoon Hero Hack: Health and special hack. Jetzt spielen!
Rage 3 Hack: x9999 Ammo to all weapons, Weapon 11 unlocked (the best one), LvL 999, High Jump, Less Gravity, Insane Damage, Coin Hack, Blood Increase, Fire Increase, More FPS(frames per second) to reduce lag and Score Hack. Jetzt spielen!
Dragon Fist 3 Hack: Infinite Health Jetzt spielen!
Bunny Kill 2 - Fixed Hack: Invincible bunny and unlimited power for all characters Jetzt spielen!
Combat Tournament Hack: Press key W to have full health and special. Press it as often as you need. Jetzt spielen!
Staggy 2 Hack: Staggy is invincible,starts with a lot of cash and 100 kills Jetzt spielen!
Chrome Wars Hack: Win 50 million dollars after each fight, and 18 hundred points on grit "health" & chrome on startup.. if you want - "Before you Start the Game" you can remove points from grit and chrome and use them on the other items instead.. Jetzt spielen!
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