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Hambo Hack: All levels unlocked, every weapon available for every level with infinite ammo. Jetzt spielen!
Sushi Cat 2 Hack: All Levels Unlocked - All Gold Sushi - All Outfits Unlocked. Jetzt spielen!
Doodle God 2 Hack: No waiting timer for the hints. Jetzt spielen!
Montreal Mobility Hack: Timer significantly increased (almost unlimited). Jetzt spielen!
Flaming Zombooka 2 Hack: All levels unlocked - Unlimited special ammo after you get it, if the levels are not unlocked click reset data to get them. Jetzt spielen!
Hambo 2 Hacked Hack: All levels unlocked. Armed with a variety of weapons, you must skilfully use them to rescue your best friend Bacon. Jetzt spielen!
Splitter Pals Hack: Unlimited Cuts Jetzt spielen!
Cargo Bridge Hack: No money needed to build. Your Money will go into the negative value..So basically infinite money.. Jetzt spielen!
Amateur Surgeon Pizza Boy Hack: Health and Time - - Note: If you shock horace in the wrong place, hurry up and shock him again to restart his heart. Then in a couple seconds you will get full health again ! - -Note 2: PG -13 for Launguage and Cartoon Violence! Jetzt spielen!
Home Sheep Home Hack: The sheep can jump into the sky! Jetzt spielen!
Civiballs Hack: All levels unlocked, more time added. Jetzt spielen!
Portal: The Flash Version Hack: Jump height doubled - Turrets can't kill you Jetzt spielen!
The Impossible Quiz Hack: Unlimited skips Jetzt spielen!
Cake Shop 2 Hack: Customers are super patient and leave a bit more money (more would screw up the goals). More time on the levels. Jetzt spielen!
The Impossible Quiz 2 Hack: Skip Questions, Lives, Fusestoppers. Click the buttons on the bottom of the screen to activate hacks. Jetzt spielen!
Cover Orange Players Pack 1 Hack: All Levels Unlocked Jetzt spielen!
Cover Orange Players Pack 2 Hack: All levels unlocked Jetzt spielen!
Max Damage Hack: 20 of All ball types on each level totaling 100 balls per level - The balls will always be in this order - Green, 3 Tennis balls, Exploding, Basketball, and Fireball then Repeats back to Green! Jetzt spielen!
Spewer Hack: Puke is more powerful. Sorry I couldn't find the amount of puke to hack. Jetzt spielen!
Domino Fall 2 Hack: Unlimited Bombs for each level Jetzt spielen!
Sushi Cat The Honeymoon Hack: All levels unlocked, more cats. Jetzt spielen!
Isoball 3 Hack: All tiles unlocked, unlimited tiles per level. Jetzt spielen!
The World's Hardest Game 2 Hack: Can go through most walls, Coins at the endpoint and some levels removed. Jetzt spielen!
Roly Poly Cannon 3 Hack: All Levels Unlocked Jetzt spielen!
Big Bobs Burger Joint Hack: You can't lose customers, added more time and set the goal to zero Jetzt spielen!
Giant Robot Hack: Time hack - You gain time instead of loosing it. NOTE: Right mouse click and click play or refresh page, if stuck on black screen. Jetzt spielen!
Liquid Measure 2 Hack: All levels unlocked. Jetzt spielen!
Super Stacker 2 Hack: All the stacks float, so you cant lose, lol. Hacks also include all levels unlocked, Speed Run unlocked and Bonus mode on. Jetzt spielen!
Scram Ball Hack: Timer Stopped - You can make 999999999 faults without losing the score - Hitting walls is not fault (default). Jetzt spielen!
Hungry Shapes 2 Hack: All levels unlocked. Jetzt spielen!
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